James and Diane Carden Owner and Operators of Evergain Chi Machine

We are located in Vance, Alabama which is between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. We ship direct from our point of entry, which includes major seaports across the United States. This means faster shipping and lower prices due to increased control of product costs.

My wife and I became qualified as Auricular Detox Technicians in July of 2002.Our initial goal was to help people with addictive behavior issues. Along the way we learned how to apply acupuncture to help a wide varity of emotional and physical problems.We ventured into internet sales as a means of supplying the equipment to people so that they could help themselves. In early 2003, we started selling the equipment on Ebay.

As of today,we are former Ebay Power Sellers and we are verified sellers with both Ebay and Paypal. We are a former member of the Fair Trade Program and we have over400 positive feedbacks thatattest to our quality products and service.

In 2005 due to the increase in Ebay Sellers Fees and a change in Ebays listing restrictions, we were informed that we could no longer sell our electro acupuncture machines on their site. Needless to say we realized that it was time to take the big leap and open our own Internet store.By opening our own store, we could continue to provide all the products that we knew would benefit our customers as well as control our cost.

As we continue to grow we will be offering more products and even better prices. If I can be of service to you please contact me at


Email:james @ evergainchimachine.com

Or james @ jdsorientalhealthsupply.com

Thank you for your support,prayers, and encouragement.