***Welcome to Evergain Chi Machine, we know that you would like to purchase either the Evergain CN 308DL or the Evergain Cn308 chi machine. Unfortunately, Evergain stopped producing their chi machines in June of 2015. However, we are offering the Chi vitalizer the best chi machine available today.***

The Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine

The Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine CY 106

Increases energy by boosting metabolism:

-Helps promote better sleep and flexibility

-Fantastic for stress relief

-Helps to lower some peoples blood pressure.

-Aerobic benefit by oxygenating the body.

-Helps with weight loss

-Completely passive exercise.

The Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine

The Vital Chi Machine Exerciser

The Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine is an extremely popular lateral motion Chi machine that is greater to the original Chi Machine in several ways. The Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine is capable of rejuvenating the body’s Chi and vitalizes the Jing through the beginning and ending of motion where it travels throughout the spine.


-Long-lasting quality 40-watt motor

-Variable speed control (90-150 RPM)

-Huge firm base for healthier support

-15-minute timer

-Wide padded ankle cradle

-Suitable carrying handle

-9.5 feet extended cord

-ON/OFF Power Switch

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-110V Power source

Durability beyond comparison The Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine carries a heavy duty motor that is able to deliver up to 140W of energy as it stimulates the body with an elliptical motion thru a fixed arc.

Elliptical movement The Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine is a chi machine on the market that is able to move laterally, with a simultaneous up and down motion, incorporated into its system. The result is an extraordinary elliptical movement much like that of a swing, as it oscillates thru the air, stimulating the body.

Heavy Design The weight of the Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine is 18 lbs, over 1/3 heavier than the weight of its closest competitor. A large-bodied person would be the first to admit the problems faced when using weight chi machines. These Chi Machines, like the Swing Machine, chi machine have great difficulty in maintaining stability and providing a constant movement for the user. This problem is eliminated due to the extra weight of the Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine.

The Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine comes with a large foot rest that is generously padded for extra comfort while massaging the ankles, with the back being oxygenated by the whip-like motion generated by the Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine. Due to a trade name issue, we package our machine under the name Vitality Swing. We are fully confident that this machine will give you the best value for your money and for your health. Try the Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with its effects.


WAIST: The Chi Energizer (Chi Vitalizer) can help promote blood circulation and vitality. By increasing the quantity of oxygen contained in the blood and stimulating the Chi in the body, it helps eliminate toxic waste from the body, increases metabolism, transforms the body fats prior to consumption into thermal energy, hence, preserving the youthfulness of the skin.

HEAD: Lie flat and place both feet onto the units left and right ankle base. This will allow the blood to flow smoothly from the feet to the head. This movement stimulates the Chi in the body to circulate properly, to relieve fatigue, tension, anemia, dizziness and other illness. It also aids in the overall well-being, and increases the vitality of the user.

STOMACH: The flow of Chi brought about by the machine helps to improve the bodys digestive system, aiding in bowel regularity. This also allows the heart to breath more easily, which provides more oxygen to the body, and also promotes good health and increased vitality.

FEET: Placing the feet on the ankle base will allow the body to relax while swinging, and activates the Chi to help revitalize the body. This machine ensures good blood circulation, relieves tension in the feet and allows for one to have a strong and healthy body.


Uses International Standard specification spare parts. It has precise flexible ball bearing, oil seals is applied on it, guard against dust, auto heat temperature switch, high temperature liquid state resistance gear oil, gear oil never wear down, protective motor outer shelf..etc., maintain a 24 hours continuous motor operation with ULs standard below 60 degrees Celsius temperature and has longer life span.

The new device uses high temperature grinding resistance, pounding resistance, strong alkali acid resistance, very adhesive and with the highest engineering PS smoothness plastic. The base uses concave protruding surface strengthening the rib steel plate, never to become deformed and would not rupture.

Main unit uses 20KG load and can continuously swing for 3,000 hours

The moving structure of ball bearings, indirect friction, to lower the number of friction in order to let the motor swing in relaxing mode.

According to the prior structure of the unit, it has gone through careful compute calculation, testetc. that is based on strict requirement for high quality produced product.


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