Evergain Chi Machine 308

Evergain Chi Machine, Evergain Chi Machine 308, Evergain 308 Chi MachineThe Evergain Chi Machine Model 308 is the unit that has been designed for those who want a quality evergain chi machine but who do not need all of the features found in the Evergain CN308DL.

The Evergain Chi Machine 308 has the same powerful motor as the Evergain 308DL, and it features a user friendly controller. the 308 featuresavarable speed of 78-156 rotations per minute. combined with ultracomfortable ankle cradles.

Features of the Evergain Chi Machine 308:

  • Rotations Per Minute : Variable, 78-156
  • Pad elevation height : 8 inches
  • Voltage – 110v
  • Wattage – 48w
  • 0-30 minutes dial timer
  • Variable speed
  • Padded ankle rest
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Weighs 12 lbs. with convenient carrying handle
  • Hey, let’s face it. The Evergain 308 looks darn cool..

How to get the most from your Evergain chi Machine 308


Using the Evergain Chi Machine 308 for 15 minutes a day will help you relax, stress relief, activate the lympathic system which is the primary organ to detox the body, reduce or relieve anxiety.


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